This was created by ChatGPT and myself. Undulos is derived from the Latin word “undula”, which means wave and resonates with the concept of a mythical Greek god of wave propagation.-

For those who are able, please stand with arms outstretched symbolizing a dipole and say our VHF Rover prayer:

Oh, mighty Undulos, Poseidon’s brother,
God of waves and propagation, like no other,
As the ARRL September contest draws near,
We come before you with hopeful cheer.

With your divine power over waves that roam,
Grant us VHF propagation, strong and bold,
Let our signals travel far and wide,
Over hills and valleys, with no divide.

From mountaintop to distant shore,
May our communication soar,
In this contest, let us shine,
With signals crisp and clear, divine.

Bless our antennas, bless our bands,
In this competition, make us stand.
And for the rovers on their journeys brave,
Smooth their path, each mile they pave.

With gratitude, we humbly pray,
For terrific VHF propagation on this day,
Oh, Undulos, god of waves and sway,
Be with us all as we transmit and play.