This would have been a real fun 4 hour contest.  Again, I used the 43-foot vertical but this antenna is much better for DX and this is not a DX contest.  A shortened NVIS antenna would be ideal in this style of contest (20/40/80 meters in North America). Coincidentally I worked the coastal states and Canadian territories but nothing inbetween.

There were several that I was contacting or wanting to contact that faded away.   If I did try they vanished during the exchange and I never could pull them out again.  I tried search & pounce and just couldn’t hear anyone – and when I did they had a QSO and they had to move but I couldn’t hear the person they exchanged with. Once they gave the frequency to the other person I couldn’t find them again up the band.  I also tried calling CQ on a frequency on 20, 40, and 80 meters and I worked a few people on each band but QSOs were several minutes apart.

I finally looked up the Solar Flux Index and observed it was 67.  I’ve never seen the SFI this low.  It’s no wonder it was a rough night.  I eventually quit and went back to watching college football.  Using the vertical was a compromise for this contest but a SFI of 67 was a killer.  The contest coordinator read my soapbox comment and write back that it was the worst conditions they have had for this event.